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March 2024 – EMOTIONAL HEALTH – Key Recommendations for the Parliamentary Mental Health Review

“EMOTIONAL HEALTH – Key Recommendations for the Parliamentary Mental Health Review, March 2024”

PTUK in collaboration with the Children’s Alliance: We would like to share a recent piece of work undertaken by the PTUK Child Mental Health Charter and over 40 other professionals who make up a working group focused on Child Emotional Health, aiming to rally for therapeutic mental health services to be available to all schools and delivered by qualified professionals.

A document of critical recommendations for future policy was developed by the working group, and presented to Luciana Berger who leads the Mental Health Review for Labour by Paul Wright, Public Health Director.

PTUK were delighted that our primary recommendation was adopted wholesale at the top of the piece, calling for “appropriate and expert therapeutic provision to be available to every primary and secondary school across the UK, permanently”, and that this included our further stipulations that provision must be delivered by registered, accredited practitioners to ensure safe and best practice, and must employ an age or developmentally appropriate model for its setting.

Our recommendation “For mental health need at referral and discharge to be measured by standardised tools, to capture and disseminate intervention outcomes accurately.  That this information be used to match a child’s need at referral with appropriate levels of professional qualification in the clinician designated to undertake the work.” were also included.

Furthermore, we continue to advise that robust and transparent school referral pathways both within and outside of schools are needed to put these practices into place.  The evidence-based recommendation document was presented to Luciana Berger at a meeting hosted by Baroness D’Souza in the House of Lords and was very much appreciated by her and her team as they move ahead with the review.

Read the full document using the link below.

Emotional Health – Key Recommendations for the Parliamentary Mental Health Review – March 2024