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A Plan for Play’ report parliamentary launch event 2023

As part of our work as members of the committee for The Children’s Mental Health Charter, myself and Lois Bunn contributed to the recent ‘Plan for Play’ report, produced by the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood.  We were invited to attend the launch of the journal report, held at the House of Commons and hosted by Kim Leadbeater MP and Adam Holloway MP.

What a fantastic experience it was. It was lovely to meet so many like-minded people, all who understand the power of play and who strive to advocate for the child’s right to play.

The ‘A Plan for Play’ report urges the Government to consider introducing a plan for play into the school curriculum, which would maximise learning and children’s development throughout the country. This could easily be incorporated into the curriculum, Ofsted inspections, teacher training, and so much more. Another action point named in the report is got the Government to ensure statutory provision of play and creative art therapy services in all primary school as an early intervention/preventative measure for children’s mental health and wellbeing. This is directly in line with what we are calling for with the Child Mental Health Charter.

It was an honour to contribute to this paper on behalf of PTUK and to attend this event and spread the word about the charter, alongside making useful connections – as well as some new friendships!

The Plan for Play report is available here, should you wish to read and share it.

We also made the guardian!

Cathy Baker, PTUK Trained Play Therapist and CMHC Committee Member.