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15/07/22 – EDM brought to the House of Commons by Tony Lloyd MP

Tony Lloyd MP has tabled an Early Day Motion called “The Draft Mental Health Bill”. Mental health across the UK has hit an all time crisis and the government must now move swiftly to deliver the support needed to improve access to services

Motion text

That this House welcomes the publication of the Draft Mental Health Bill; applauds the aim to ensure appropriate care for people with serious mental illness within the criminal justice system, better meet the needs of people with a learning disability to include those with autistic spectrum condition, give people greater control over their treatment, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds who are disproportionately detained under the provisions of the current Act and to provide funding to enable local communities to explore alternatives to hospital admission for people experiencing a mental health crisis; further understands that despite the government’s public call for evidence to support the development of a new cross-government 10-year plan for mental health, including supporting children and young people’s mental health, there are no current plans to bring forward specific legislative proposals to require early intervention and preventative measures to help address children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing issues at the first possible opportunity; and urges the government to amend the Draft Mental Health Bill in accordance or give a commitment to introduce a stand-alone Bill to provide a Framework for the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People to include fully-funded early intervention and preventive strategies within schools and in the community.

Helen Clark: director, The Child Mental Health Charter Campaign

“The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has agreed to step down today but that is no reason for a vital and historic reform of the 1983 Mental Health Act to be delayed. Indeed, it should be a top priority for a new Conservative Prime Minster.

“This Early Day Motion,  tabled  by Tony Lloyd MP mentions that despite the many good things in the intended Reform Bill, the needs of children and young people who are in desperate need of essential preventative and early intervention care is just not there.  Play Therapy UK (PTUK) now call upon MPs from all parties to back this Motion  and press for amendments to the current Bill to allow for it – or to campaign with us for a new ‘Stand Alone’ Bill to place children and young people at the heart of  a new mental health legislative strategy.’

“We do hope that readers of ‘Nursery Management Today’ will ask their own MP to sign this important Motion in the interests of all children and young people.”

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