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A General Election will be held on 12th December 2019. The Child Mental Health Charter Campaign has now written to every single MP in the House of Commons, asking them to include the Child Mental Health Charter Candidate Pledge in their General Election material. This is extremely important because it means that members of the public  will be receiving important information about our campaign, sent by the very  MP who is asking to be re-elected!  

Our message will be going out to many more people than ever before and after the General Election we will be asking our Pledge MPs to fight for the Charter in the House of Commons. 

It is most important to us that you meet your MPs during  this crucial General Election period. I attach the General Election Candidate Pledge and this is what you should be asking your MP to endorse.

It is self explanatory – but please refresh yourself with the re-modelled site,  The site is currently undergoing updating ( on-going) so please check it every day. Phase One of the campaign has now ended and although it is relevant for you to mention (for example) the highly successful EDM, launched in the last Parliament, do not ask the MP to sign it because it is now CLOSED.

The entire new focus of our campaign  is now to get any and all MPs to sign up to the Candidate Pledge. If your MP agrees to do so, please let me know immediately by emailing

I am the CMHC Campaign Spokesperson and devised both the EDM ( now closed )and the all important Candidate Pledge.

We are hoping that a substantial number of MPs will sign up to support and mention it in their Election material. It has had a most encouraging start as you will soon be able to see on the site.  This will then gave us a great head start into the new Parliament after the  Election and a set of serving MPs whom we will  be approaching with requests to help us with our campaign.

Take a look also at our highly successful Jubilee Room Reception coverage on the site ( 29th October 2019).

The MP will be impressed I am sure to see this – it was really quite an unprecedented triumph for an event of this kind and we were all delighted with the clearly genuine interest shown by the Minister for Mental Health, Patient Care and Suicide Prevention, Nadine Dorries who not only spoke officially at the event but also (quite unusually and unexpectedly)  initiated a  spontaneous Question and Answer session with attendees and registrants.

Candidate Pledge


‘I’d Vote for That!’

Dear (name)

A new Mental Health Act with children’s needs at its heart MUST be a priority for the next Government and the failure to include such a Bill in the Queen’s Speech was a devastating blow to all who care for children and work professionally with them.

Mental health problems blight lives, but new legislation will change lives and help to build the truly healthy and productive future society.

We ask you now to support the Child Mental Health Charter which was launched in the House of Commons on 29th October 2019 by including this pledge in your Election Address:

‘I support the Child Mental Health Charter Campaign’s call for a new Mental Health Act that:

  • Focuses on children’s needs
  • Protects them
  • Invests in a properly qualified workforce  
  • Invests in policies informed by the best available evidence
  • Focuses on the needs of parents/carers
  • Makes policies work

We will then include your name and constituency in our forthcoming publicity material where we will call upon every constituency to elect an MP who will deliver for children

Please reply to ( to tell us if you would like to endorse the Campaign and be named in our publicity material. If you are not standing for re-election, please forward this email to the new candidate.

Good Luck!



2019 General Election Candidates

Tom Brake

Tom Brake (Liberal Democrat)

Dr Lisa Cameron

Dr Lisa Cameron (SNP)

Ian Murry

Ian Murry (Labour)

Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney (Labour (Co-op))

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin (Labour)

John Grogan

John Grogan (Labour)

Paul Maynard

Paul Maynard (Conservative)

Darren Jones

Darren Jones (Labour)

William Wragg

William Wragg (Conservative)

Peter Kyle

Peter Kyle (Labour)

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP)

Dr David Drew

Dr David Drew (Labour (Coop))

Daniel Zeichner

Daniel Zeichner (Labour)

Jackie Doyle-Price

Jackie Doyle-Price (Conservative)

Tim Loughton

Tim Loughton (Conservative)

Kate Green

Kate Green (Labour)

Sir Peter Bottomley

Sir Peter Bottomley (Conservative)

Robin Walker

Robin Walker (Conservative)

Cat Smith

Cat Smith (Labour)

Kerry McCarthy

Kerry McCarthy (Labour)

Candidates Supporting the Election Charter Pledge

  • Nick Stephens the Labour Party Candidate for Solihull
  • Holly Kal-Weiss the Labour Party Candidate for Hertsmere

Organisation and Individual Supporters

Organisation Supporters (194 Supporters)

Individual Supporters (2005 Supporters)

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