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06/11/21 – BBC Documentary on Counselling and Psychotherapy

‘PTUK endorses this statement provided by the PSA  and are pleased that the BBC have been notified about this important matter.
However, the need for a  Professional Register and proper Accreditation is particularly important in relation to those describing  themselves as  ‘professionals’ who are dealing  with the youngest and most vulnerable  children.
This latter comment refers exactly  to the  particular cohort for whom Play Therapy is so vital. Our youngest and most vulnerable children  are  simply not able to articulate their feelings or the sources of their profound emotional  distress in a conversation with a Counsellor. However, a professional Play Therapist; trained to the highest level who is Accredited as a qualified and safe person is exactly the person to be discharging such responsibilities.
The urgent need for all those dealing with children on a therapeutic basis to be professionally registered  and to be required  to  satisfy a re-register requirement on a regular basis is one of the Six Principals of our Child Mental Health Charter. Please register your support for it by signing either as an individual, an organisation or both. Professional Accreditation should be a pre-requisite. Help PTUK to convince the Government to help children by making this a statutory component of the Government’s proposed new Mental Health Bill; scheduled to begin its Parliamentary progress in 2022.’
Helen Clark: Director, Child Mental Health Charter Campaign
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