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Campaign Programme 

The first goal is to secure a Bill on the floor of the House in 2019 to include the Charter’s priorities and principles.  A major success has already been achieved with an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons, kindly sponsored by Steve McCabe MP; Chair of the All Party Parliamentary  Group on A Fit and Healthy Childhood.


Tabled 09 April 2019

2017-19 Session

That this House agrees with the Prime Minister that the state of mental health legislation as it stands constitutes a burning injustice to people living with a mental health illness and notes her intention to introduce a Bill in 2019; further notes that every year one young person in ten experiences a mental health problem, that severe and persistent problems starting before secondary school which go unsupported can have a long term impact on children's mental health and life chances, that young people in the youth justice system are three times more likely to experience a diagnosable mental health condition than children who don't offend, that 75 per cent of adults with a diagnosable mental health problem experience the first symptoms by the age of 24; asserts that new mental health legislation must focus on the needs of children, invest in a properly qualified workforce, ensure policy is informed by the best available evidence, be adequately funded, recognise the needs of parents and carers; and calls upon the Government to include a new Mental Health Bill in the next Queen's Speech that focuses on the needs of children.

This important Early Day Motion is a very important campaign tool in the drive to obtain mental health legislation for children that is truly fit for purpose. There may only be three months until the new Queen's Speech, setting out the Government's proposed legislative menu for the next Session of Parliament and it is essential that this contains a new Mental Health Bill.
Please ask your constituency MP to sign the Early Day Motion (as shown above) in the Table Office at the House of Commons. You can click on the link above to obtain regular updates on signatures.  If you need help on contacting your MP  this please ask at:

The Charter is being circulated to all organisations with an interest in child heath and welfare.  We will soon be publishing a list of supporting organisations.

A General Election has been called for 12th December 2019 and this Motion is now closed for signature. We thank every MP was has signed it and all the registrants who have visited their MP and asked them to support the Charter Principles and the Motion.

We also thank every  MP who has written to successive Prime  Ministers  and the Health Secretary, submitted Questions for Oral and Written Answer, raised the Charter on the floor of the House of Commons in debate and also given us their time at the Jubilee Room reception on the very day that a General Election was announced. 

Our immense gratitude also to the MPs who have given up their time to meet Helen, Jeff and Monika at Westminster and others who have met registrants in their constituency offices. We hope that they will all support us in the  next stage of our Charter Campaign. 

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