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01/12/22 – Child Mental Health Charter progress

We are delighted to report that recently we were approached by a researcher for the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), an office of both Houses of Parliament, which provides independent and balanced analysis of research evidence related to public policy issues.

Their aim was to compile a 4-page briefing on the Mental Health Act reforms and its potential impact on children and young people. They asked to speak to us having noticed that “the Mental Health Act Reform is an area of specific interest for the Children’s Mental Health Charter”

The brief will be sent directly to every MP, ahead of the Draft Mental Health Bill, an achievement which we can be proud of.  The report lends strong support to our work with the Charter, because we are cited in it, and it was written by their own researchers.

The Charter appears a few times in the final part of the brief, where Future Policy Considerations are discussed.  This is due to our focus that mental health provision needs to be Early, Effective and Expert.   We call for new legislation to focus on children receiving help early -before their difficulties escalate and entrench.  We call for this help to be effective with young children, utilizing approaches such as Play and Creative Therapies.  We call for the help to be delivered by experts, ensuring best and safe practice by employing practitioners who are professionally trained and accredited.

Please also share this report with your MP.  Ask to meet them to talk about your work as Play Therapists and our aims with the Charter, or write to them using paragraphs from this post and attach the report.  Ask your MP to take personal action by writing to The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, the RT. Hon Stephen Barclay MP to ask him if he will accept amendments to the Bill as it stands, to include: early, effective and expert provision.

We are making progress with our campaign and each email to each MP helps.  Step by step and word by word, we can make the difference we seek to the Mental Health Bill drafting.


Do contract us with replies that you receive from your MP, and we will help with the next steps.

Please share this POST across your media networks and help us share the Charter’s message.

Help the Child Mental Health Charter to help children TODAY!’


Sophia O’Neill PTUK Research Writer