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News 2020

18/07/20 – Teachers fear a rise in hunger in children returning to school in September – Magic Breakfast Survey

Magic Breakfast is a charity that provides school breakfasts to vulnerable children.

Their survey assessed teacher’s views on how food insecurity, in the context of COVID-19, has affected children’s ability to learn. It also assessed teacher’s support for school breakfasts. You can find the press release, including a link to a report with full results from the survey, here:

The survey found:

  • 57% of teachers surveyed anticipate there will be an increase in the number of children arriving at school hungry in September 2020, compared to September 2019.
  • 64% of teachers surveyed think that hunger will harm efforts to catch children up on the learning they missed out on during school closures.
  • 86% of teachers surveyed support a nationwide programme to ensure children at risk of hunger have access to a free breakfast during the school term.
  • 74% of teachers surveyed believe that school breakfasts will help children catch up on learning.